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Welcome to United.

We are a Republic PvE PST guild. We hope to casually explore end game content 2 nights a week and schedule other PvE content throughout the week.

The rank structure is taken from Plato's Republic, and the rules, code of conduct, et al are generally from Plato's ethics as well. They are subject to change, but basically you need to be excellent to each other.

This is obviously a work in progress. Bear with me.

Apophasis - GM
Guild News    

Crafting Day

Apophasys, Dec 14, 11 10:44 PM.
Is there any interest in starting a Crafting Day in-game? Gather together in a major city and offer your crafting skills for the cost of mats? It might put us in contact with some cool folks or create a guild allegiance so we can tackle the larger/tougher content. Anyway, I plan on doing it during a day that we're not raiding to help out some of the more casual members of our community.

Crewskill LEveling guides now posted under Library

Apophasys, Dec 13, 11 10:42 PM.
I've posted a bare bones, minimal mats required 1-400 leveling guide for each crafting crew skill. I will be doing Biochem on my main, eventually getting Synthweaving and Artifice on my first 2 alts. Things may change once I find out if they have end-game benefits like the various tradeskills did in wow, and I'll change accordingly to be the best healer in the land.

Mission Statement is up on the Forum

Apophasys, Dec 9, 11 7:06 PM.
I've tentatively created a Mission statement and outlined the ideal United guild member. I'm still working on rules, titles, and officer roles.

We now have a Vent server

Apophasys, Dec 6, 11 5:52 PM.
I bought a 25 user vent server for when we raid or just want to chat.
Server: united.typefrag.com
Port: 13400
Password: available in the private forums. I have allowed up to 5 guest clients to connect, but if this privilege is abused it will be removed.

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Apophasys, Nov 19, 11 2:37 AM.
Guid site created. Obviously, this is a work in progress. I've been busy with playing in the Beta and working on a blog devoted to Jedi Healing. Today I will be giving the guild site a bit of love.
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